“To be prepared is half the victory”
- Miguel Cervantes

Education stars the mind and illuminates the light to knowledge. Similarly sports shapes the physique sports also gives students a stronger, supporting better academic performance. We also conduct sports meet annually in which team games like football, basketball, badminton, kho-kho, kabbadi, tug of war etc. are held and athletics like short-put, discus throw, slow cycling, relay races (100m,200m) etc. are too conducted. From time to time the students also participate in CBSE sports & games cluster.


Monthly literary and cultural activities are help as per the year plan. The literary activities like Recitation, essay writing, poster making, slogan writing, debate, Quiz competition, drawing competition etc. are held on all student topics. The cultural activities like solo song, group song, dance, instrumental music, play, drama etc. are also conducted according to our pre-plan.

The competitions held are

  • Green Olympiad
  • Silver zone mathematics
  • Expression series by CBSE
  • Science talent search examination


We have the Eco-club and it conducts various activities to save and aware the children about the destructions caused to our environment. The students and teachers are divided into 4 house – Gandhi, Subhash, Tagore & House-wise captains and vice-captains nominated and the literary and cultural activities are conducted under the supervision of house-masters.