The performance of the students will be evaluated periodically as follows:-

Unit test

  • There will be weekly unit test of 20 marks in 5 main subjects in a term.
  • The unit test will be held on every Saturday in first two periods. If a student does not appear in unit test she/ he will be marked absent and given zero mark.

Terminal Examination (Applicable for all the classes)

No marks will be shown in the progress report. Only grades will be shown in the progress report.

For class (VI to IX & XI):- There are two term. Each term has two FA (Formative Assessment) and one SA (Summative Assessment).

The Formative Assessment (FA) Includes

  • Unit Test
  • Class Test
  • Class Task/H.W.
  • Assignments
  • Quizzed
  • Projects
  • Experiments
  • Script Writing
  • Role Play/Dramatization
  • Surveys etc.

The Summative Assessment (SA) Includes

  • Scholastic Area - It's Includes Academic Performance
  • Co- Scholastic Area - It's Includes
    1. Life Skills
    2. Attitudes & values
    3. Literary & creative skills
    4. Health & Physical Education

For class (X):- There will be one pre-board during the month of Nov/Dec.

For class (XII):- There will be one U. T. The two Pre-boards will be held during the months of November and January.


Two assignments will be assigned to be completed by the students during the two vacations in a session.

Personal Observation:-

The teacher’s observation on over all conduct of the student will be regularly marked and recorded in his/her observation File/Progress Report.